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While does provide a rudimentary search system for locating potential matches they do not provide their users with a search by name feature. Profile do contain a persons first name but its not easy to find people by name because at no point are you able to view more than a small handful of users at a time on Matches default search page. As you scroll through the page, previous results are removed from the page, making the browsers find function useless. This makes it a time consuming task to find people on If you want to find someone named "Jill", in New York City, you will be scrolling for a very long time. We automated the process and send you a searchable report..

  • Visit the Match User Index and enter the general location, age, and name of person you want to find
  • Wait for your report. The Match User Index is a third party company. We scroll through all of the Match users within 100 miles if your targeting location and then we index those users into a searchable system, allowing you to find out quickly whether or not someone has an account on

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